Remillard Consulting Group can assist you and your organization in the following areas:

+ Preparing actionable reports on access to capital challenges affecting small and medium-sized enterprises (SME’s) across a range of industries, from advanced technologies to traditional manufacturing sectors such as textile and apparel;

+ Understanding government policies and programs in the venture capital sector and private equity sectors, including the Venture Capital Action Plan (VCAP);

+ Developing fundraising marketing strategies for venture capital and private equity funds;

+ Understanding the “Start Up” visa program and entrepreneurial and investor immigration policies and programs;

+ Building win-win partnership-based relationships between government and financial services industry firms and trade associations;

+ Analyzing the state of the venture capital and private equity market in Canada – venture capital and private equity fundraising, investment and financial performance trends, challenges and opportunities;

+ Assessing the implications of the presence of foreign venture capital, private equity and funds of funds in the Canadian marketplace for Canadian funds and businesses; Tackling issues facing financial services industry trade associations including membership growth and retention strategies and delivering high value-add services to members;

+ Reviewing the application of the HST to the financial services sector, particularly the alternative asset classes;

+ Developing public policy instruments for promoting the innovation economy, including tax policies and programs;

+ Assessing the business powers of deposit-taking institutions in terms of a level playing field amongst competitors in the context of Bank Act review;

+ Analyzing the roles of crown corporations and foundations in the Canadian financing ecosystem; Targeting sources of capital from non-traditional suppliers, including defense contractors, Aboriginal -led groups and Family Offices;

+ Measuring gaps in the Canadian financing ecosystem and developing strategies for addressing those gaps;

+ Examining the roles of pension funds as institutional investors; Investigating the role of retail investors in early-stage company financings, including labour-sponsored venture capital corporations, incubators/accelerators and crowd funding;

+ Assessing the level and nature of competition in the Canadian financial services industry and the opportunities and obstacles facing for new entrants, both domestic and international;

+ Weighing the competitiveness and performance of the financial services industry;

+ Preparing and executing public & governmental communications strategies for financial services industry participants.